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Goch & Sons has the vehicles, equipment, and experience to handle all your towing and recovery needs. We can help you with heavy duty rollovers, load transfers, equipment hauling, emergency recoveries and accident recoveries. Check out our gallery below and see how we’re prepared to help you at any time, any place, and any situation!

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Accident Recovery Services

Goch & Sons offers complete hazardous material cleanup and emergency spill response services. Our MIOSHA-certified hazmat techs are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Goch Towing has fuel recovery units, overpack drums, catch pools, roll-off dumpsters, power washers and power brooms. And we’re always ready for an emergency. We have over 10,000 lbs. of floor-dry in stock, along with pallets full of absorbent pads and booms.

Parking Garage Tow Truck Service

Did you know that most Detroit-area wrecker companies don’t have the ability to tow vehicles from parking garages? Their trucks are too tall to fit inside the low overhead clearances. But Goch & Sons Towing is one of the few companies in southeast Michigan that has the ability to provide towing services in parking structures. Goch Towing is equipped with the tools to get the job done. Goch has a low-clearance wrecker that can navigate in parking garages with low ceilings, and a fork-lift with wheel lift attachment. Check out the photos below…and give Goch Towing a call when you need towing service inside a parking structure.