Heavy-Duty Rotator Crane Recovery Service in Metro Detroit

Got a heavy lift? Goch & Sons offers 75-Ton Rotator Wrecker services in Michigan

Goch & Sons are rotator crane recovery experts!  Goch Towing offers the largest variety and the most modern line of towing and recovery equipment in Michigan. We use 75-ton rotator cranes and 60-ton rotator cranes to get the job done safely and efficiently. These wreckers have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and lift up to 75 tons.  

Goch provides heavy moving and lifting for construction sites, industrial sites and more. We offer winching, water recovery, dump truck recovery, mud recovery, forklift recovery, and tractor trailer recovery services for all types of heavy trucks, tractors and equipment.


Heavy Equipment Lifting, Moving and Recovery

Our rotator trucks are strong and versatile. Our crane services are #1 in metro Detroit. Our rotator can be setup inside buildings and work in tight spaces where a typical crane can’t go. Goch & Sons are experts at safely moving your heavy load, wherever it may be. So if you have a big load to move, we’ve got you covered – whatever you need done.

One of our most common calls is for our clients that need to install a rooftop HVAC system. If your company needs a reliable, well-trained rotator crane operator to lift air conditioner units for your customers, rely on Goch & Sons to expertly complete the job.  Goch & Sons are experts at lifting and carefully placing HVAC units on commercial roofs and residential roofs.

And we do a lot more than just lift HVAC units…here are some other rotator crane services we provide:

  • Heavy recovery for construction sites
  • Setting of generators and compressors
  • Trailer stacking and unstacking
  • Heavy recovery for farm equipment
  • Load Shifts & Load Transfers
  • Mud extractions

If your company uses cranes to install HVAC equipment in metro Detroit, or anywhere in Southeast Michigan, give Goch a call!


Heavy Duty Towing  

When heavy equipment gets stuck, productivity goes down. Recovering a vehicle can be a difficult and dangerous process. That’s why you should let Goch Towing handle your biggest moving jobs.  Moving large vehicles and equipment is our specialty – we’re experienced with recovering buses, tractors, trucks, trailers, construction equipment and more. That’s why police departments and the state of Michigan use Goch & Sons to assist with heavy-duty accident recovery.  And rest assured that our staff is Wreckmaster-certified for Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery.

Our heavy-duty recovery services include: 

  • Semi-Truck Recovery
  • Semi-Truck Uprighting
  • Tractor Recovery
  • Semi-Truck Accident Cleanup
  • Tractor-Trailer Recovery
  • Water Recovery
  • Mud Recovery
  • Air Cushion Recovery
  • Semi-Truck Cargo Cleanup
  • Diesel Fuel Delivery
  • Trailer Storage
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Air Cushion Recovery
  • Construction Equipment Recovery
  • Dump Truck Recovery
  • Bus & Motor Coach Recovery
  • Boat Recovery

Our 75-ton rotator truck is one of the largest towing and recovery wreckers manufactured.  It’s the ultimate recovery machine!



On a job and need some extra towing muscle?   Our 75-ton crane can be there within 45 minutes of your call?

We not only have heavy duty wreckers – we have everything to complete the job!

Rotator trucks, heavy duty wreckers, air cushion recovery systems, certified hazmat response, street sweepers, forklift service, front-end loader service, accident recovery units, and more!

Goch Towing has seen it all.  We have years of experience lifting, towing, and winching everything from tractor-trailer rollovers to school buses, to industrial equipment – and even boats!   Check out our Facebook post below…grab the picture with your mouse and move it around!

Goch & Sons provides emergency towing service for all types of vehicles, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, both locally and long distance. Give us a call today!