Tow Away Service for Abandoned Vehicles in Taylor, MI

Abandoned vehicles on your lot or property not only pose an environmental and safety hazard, they are also an eyesore.

And while it may seem like an unnecessary hassle, the situation can quickly escalate if not swiftly addressed. Luckily, Goch & Sons makes it easy to rid your property in Taylor, MI of any unauthorized vehicles.

Our towing service can be used to legally remove abandoned vehicles from your property without the extra hassle. Our company will work alongside your local police department in Taylor, and ensure that all laws and requirements are closely followed.

It is our goal to make the process as stress-free as possible. From the moment you first call, you will be greeted with exceptional customer service from our team. Our team will then work together to ensure that one of our certified tow truck operators promptly removes any abandoned vehicles from your lot. Unauthorized vehicles are typically removed within an hour of your call.

All charges for towing will be billed to the owner of the vehicle.

As an added bonus, if you sign up for our private property towing services, we will install a tow-away sign on your property free of charge.

It is time to take back control. Rid your lot in Taylor, MI of unauthorized vehicles today. Contact Goch & Son’s Towing at (313) 382-2727 Ext 3 for more information.

Contact Goch & Son’s Towing today at (313) 382-2727 to discuss more about private property impounds and contracted towing services.